Friday, November 8, 2013

Adelyn Rose: 19 Months

Actually, Adelyn is almost 20 months. I've been working on this post since Adelyn was 18 months.

Let's start with the updates. She had her therapy evaluations. Her motor skills have made a huge jump. She's always been about 3-5 months behind on things but this evaluation showed her being in the 15-18 month range on most motor skills. She's borderline for not even needing physical therapy anymore! We'll revisit the idea after the first of the year and decide (with her PT) whether or not she would benefit from continuing. I am a little concerned that although she may be on par now, she'll have difficulty achieving future milestones due to the hypotonia. Also, she's started to exhibit more sensory issues. She seems to be adversely affected by noise and low "whirring" sounds (think public hand dryer) and possibly visually stimuli - although we don't have that nailed down thus far. We sort of stumbled across these things by putting it together based on the places she seems to have behavior or mood issues. Her eating is hit and miss. She's sprouted a mouth full of teeth. In expressive speech (things she says) she was evaluated to be at a 12 month old level. That didn't come as a surprise. Her vocabulary has expanded slightly since I last posted but not a lot. She's started calling me "mama" all the time. I'm excited that when I say  one, she says "twwwoooo". And will repeat in a raspy voice "redrum" if someone does it first. This provides endless entertainment for us. We did qualify for speech an hour a week. A goal we have is adding 3-5 words a week, which I think would be awesome.

While all of the above is great and I'm happy to report how well she's doing, Adelyn is so much more than her diagnosis and prognosis. She has such a little personality that I rarely even touch on. Adelyn is one of the sweetest babies I know. She's always hugging, kissing and snuggling. She's so affectionate it's amazing. There is almost nothing better in the world than when she crawls into your lap, wraps her arms tightly around your neck and lays her head on your shoulder. I say almost because her big sister is pretty great at those things too.

It's not just family that she's affectionate with. Adelyn has no separation anxiety or stranger danger. She will love on anyone. As soon as the boss lady or boss man come here to pick up the little mister, she runs over asking them to pick her up and wanting to snuggle them. The women in the nursery at church know her by name and love her. On the bad side, she will go to anyone. Often asking strangers in the grocery store to pick her up or attempting to sit on strangers laps at The Great Wolf Lodge and The Renaissance Festival.

Adelyn has the most amazing smile and laugh. When she does either, her whole face lights up. She even has a fake laugh/squeal she does for Lily that Lily just eats up. Her big goofy smile is contagious. She's such a happy baby most of the time. And she's such a ham. If I'm just holding my phone or a camera, she starts cheesing and motioning for me to take her picture. If she knows your laughing at her, she will continue to do whatever she's doing. She'll even fake laugh right along with you.

Where Lily is my little dancer and always has been, Adelyn is my singer. She may not say much but that girl is always singing. The whole day is spent "lalala'ing" or humming. She's constantly singing. It's absolutely adorable because she has such a soft sing-songy voice. Her new favorite song to sing is, "nanananana batman". She started randomly singing it while painting a pumpkin and it was a-fricking-dorable.

I say, "most of the time", because Adelyn does have a harder side to her. She is demanding and sassy. She sat on the floor fake crying for 20 minutes the other day because I wouldn't let her play with the PS3. Something would distract her and she would stop, but the moment she noticed me she would start wailing again. When she wants to be held, she wants to be held that second. It doesn't matter to her if you're folding laundry, putting away dishes, cooking a hot meal or sitting on the crapper. You better pick her up or else expect the nose to scrunch up, the lip to come out and crying (fake or real) to begin. If that doesn't work, she moves on to screaming. It's not a pretty sight. She's been known to hit, push, and head butt her sister. Sometimes provoked, sometimes not. She's also started to get aggressive with other kids. I've talked to her therapists and they say it is probably related to her sensory processing issues but is also an age thing too. They've given me some great tips to help on both fronts. She's also stubborn. Just recently, she was trying to eat a magnet so Steve told her to put it on the fridge. At that point she dropped it on the ground, backed up to the fridge with her hands behind her back, crinkled up her nose at him and stared him down not budging. It's times like these that I have to tell myself that God made her this way so that she can concur any obstacles she may have to face. I tell myself that because I don't want to admit that she's me incarnate. The good news is that once she finally put the magnet back on the fridge, she was back to hugging and loving on us. Which, makes everything else she does null and void.

Adelyn is a full of personality - both good and bad. Just like her sister, she can take you to the brink of insanity and pull you back again in a moments notice. But, most of all, she's our baby - even at almost 20 months old.