Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Adelyn's Inchstones

Whether big or small, an inch makes a foot and a foot makes a mile, or in this case - a milestone 
Owen's Mom of Owen's Inchstones

It's been a long time since I blogged. The summer has just been too much fun to find the time to sit down and write. But, when we last left off Adelyn had just started crawling around on all 4s, was being evaluated for foot braces, was pulling up on the furniture and was working her way off baby food. So much has changed since then! If you're just joining us, feel free to read the beginning of our journey at Perfectly Adelyn and Perfectly Adelyn Pt 2

She got her foot braces in June. Those made a world of difference for her. I thought she was going to be upset over wearing them, but she loves them! The orthotist explained it to me like this: imagine trying to roller blade without having the skates tied up. Think about how unsteady you would feel. How hard it would be to do. That's what Adelyn was going through before she got the braces. Then she got them and it's like we tied her roller blades, so to speak. She's even gotten to the point that if she doesn't have them on, she gets upset. She'll find them and shake them at me while yelling as if to say, "woman, what are you thinking?! I need my braces on!"

After she got the braces, she really started taking off. She began by pushing things around the house. It started off almost accidentally. Where she would be putting her weight on the toy and it would move (since we have pergo floors) and she would follow it. Then it became a purposeful movement and she made her way around the house like a pro. She even started taking some unassisted steps. Her first steps were to her sister. Which, couldn't make Lily prouder. But, then last month she got Hand, Foot and Mouth. She was very sick for about a week. She spent several days on the couch unmoving. After that, she regressed a lot. She stopped walking all together; refusing to even push her toys and wanting to be carried everywhere. It was then that I knew I had to start really pushing her. I started making her walk everywhere. It started off as holding my hands and walking to her high chair for meals or to her bedroom at nap/bed time. Then she started walking on her own! As of the beginning of August, she is a full time walker. I don't remember the last time I saw her crawl. She's still unsteady outside on the uneven ground but we're working on that a little each day. She can make it down one house, one way and if pushed will walk back.

Her eating habits have made a 180 degree turn. Not only is she fully on table food, but she eats all.day.long. That girl amazes me with how much she can eat in one sitting. And she's not nearly as picky/sensory as she was. She'll eat almost anything. She's still a tiny little peanut but that's okay.

Her vocabulary is expanding. She's started calling me mama, but I'm still not sure if she knows what she's saying. Lily taught her how to say "ow" and "ouch" Although she says it all the time, so she doesn't quite know how to use it. She calls all cows "moooo". She likes to intentionally drop her food on the ground and call for Loela to come clean it up. She's started to say "Lily". When Lily recently spent the night at her aunt's, Adelyn walked around putting her arms up inquisitively saying "Lily". Well, her version of Lily at least. As if to ask, "where's Lily". She's trying to repeat a lot of what we say too. I already see her being as big of a talker as her sister is once she finds her words.

She's made some huge strides this summer on all fronts. We'll start therapy back up in the fall. Right now she's slated to have physical therapy, occupation therapy, speech therapy and the teacher. I cannot wait to see how much she grows and changes when we start that back up. I feel like every day she's sticking it to the man and I couldn't be happier.

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