Friday, March 8, 2013

Who has 2 thumbs and can BURN SOUP?

Who has 2 thumbs and can BURN SOUP? 


Yesterday I spent 3 hours prepping the stuffed pepper soup that I was making for Adelyn's Winter ONEderland party tomorrow (oh em gee! Adelyn is turning 1! More on that later though). I put it all in the pot, turned it on low and went to put Adelyn down for her nap. Not even 10 minutes later I walk out of her room to smell something burning....and Lily telling me the house is stinky. THE SOUP! THE SOUP! I stir it and can feel the bottom is burnt to crap. But, it can be salvaged, right. RIGHT?! I know! I'll drain all the broth and then add more and that should take care of the burnt part, right. RIGHT?! Nope. I tried it, adding more tomato soup to a small portion and tasting it. It tastes burnt through and through. So then I dumped 4 pounds of meat, 10 chopped peppers, 1 chopped onion, 15 cans of tomato soup, 2 cans of broth, a bag of rice, a head of cabbage, 3 hours of my life and what was left of my dignity from my teenage years down the drain. 

Thankfully, I have an overly understanding hubby and a draining bank account so I was able to buy the stuff and try again today. It came out wonderfully I might add! I can't wait for everyone to try it tomorrow. 

**I didn't actually burn the soup. I burnt the rice that was in the soup. But it burnt to the bottom so badly that there was about a quarter inch of burnt gunk at the bottom of my dad's favorite pot that I had borrowed from him. I thought it was the pot was as good as gone. Which, surely, would make my dad disown me forever. I avoided such a tragedy by finding THIS little gem on how to clean such atrocities using water, vinegar, baking soda & more elbow grease than I thought I could muster.**

P.S. If anyone can name the sitcom/character I stole my title from I'll send you some soup....and not the burnt stuff either.