Monday, February 18, 2013

Tiny (Cage) Dancer

Yesterday, on the way home from Sesame Street Live, a napless Lily started talking about what she wanted to do when she "was bigger". After having repeated herself several times, we finally deciphered that Lily wanted to dance in a cage. Sometimes it would be a blue cage. Sometimes a red one. She was going to do it this summer, she excitedly exclaimed!

I was horrified at the conversation. I wondered where I had gone wrong that at 3 years old, her visions of a career had quickly switched from being a "doctor who takes care of animals" to a cage dancer. Visions of her in go go boots, flipping her hair around √† la 80s music videos (or Beyonce's Half Time show) ran threw my head. Clearly I had failed as a mother.

Then, out of no where it hit me. STAGE! We had been talking about her dance recital this summer. She wanted to dance ON a STAGE. Not IN a CAGE.

Whew. Crisis averted.

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