Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh Em Gee, Lily's Three!

In all the commotion of Adelyn's appointments and the holidays I sort of skipped Lily's 3rd birthday. Well, I didn't skip it in real life, but I didn't blog about it. So here it is. The month and a half late for her birthday but a few days early for Christmas, Christmas edition.

I can't believe that it's been 3 years since I gave birth to her. I know it's cliche but time really does fly. She's changed into such a little person. Her vocabulary is ridiculous. It changes so much that I often can't tell what she's saying because I don't know it to be in her repertoire. She does a good job of helping me figure it out. Just today I didn't know she was saying squirrel (especially in the context of talking about the snow "rocks" (balls) she made). She she said acorns, which was clear as day and then brought it back around with "you know...the things that eat acorns". And she's ooooh so funny. There's not a day that goes by that she doesn't crack me up with something she says, does or faces she makes. I know everything thinks their kid is amazing. But, I'm pretty sure Lily takes the cake.

She loves to sing. Her favorite songs to sing of late are "Santa Baby", "Jingle Bells", "We Are Never Getting Back Together" and "Build Me Up, Buttercup". She's definitely eclectic, like her mama. She also makes up songs. The other day she sang a song to Steve about the day he was born (this was after praying that he'd marry her). I also caught her singing "Santa came to my house when I was a baby. I was sleeping. I wore a pretty beautiful dress". When I asked her what she was singing she very sarcastically said "a song about when I was a baby and Santa came". (duh mom). She also looooves to dance. She's always dancing around the house doing moves that she says she learns in dance class. For the record, I go to and watch every dance class she's gone to and I've never seen the moves she does. That's okay though, as long as she's not getting her dance moves from Steve or I - for 2 completely different reasons. ;) She loves dance class. Although, not unlike me, she tends to go into her own little world and wander off. As long as she's having fun, it's totally worth it though.

Her birthday was a HUGE success. On the actual day of her birthday we took her to Chuck E. Cheese and had a great time. Then the following weekend we had her party at Jungle Java (think McDonalds Play Place on steroids). She spent the afternoon playing with all of her cousins and 2 of her friends. Then we came back to our house for dinner, cake & presents. That girl got soooo spoiled. She is definitely loved by so many people. We are blessed to have the friends & family we do. That's for sure.

This year she's very into Christmas. She's learning the Santa aspect but also learning about the true meaning of Christmas and the story of Baby Jesus' birth. We have the incredibly loved & hated Elf on the Shelf, which she's named Emma. She's very excited to go look for Emma every morning and seems to be happier when she's just hanging out somewhere than when she's getting into mischief. Emma riding Rudolph is a win while Emma crepe papering her door is a definite fail. She really gets the "don't touch Emma" thing too. She's almost paranoid about anyone touching her. Which surprises me. We've gone to see Santa several times at several different places and her list just keeps getting longer each time we see him. She's asked for a doll house, a small camera, a barbie, a "drinkey" baby (a baby that drinks from a bottle, I told her we already have one of those in the form of her sister), and a ball she can bounce in the house (there's no such thing). I have it on good authority she's getting a doll house and more accessories than she'll know what to do with. I'm certain that even if she doesn't get everything on her list, she'll get lots that ISN'T on her list and will be more than happy. Of course, she'd be happy pretty much no matter what. I told you my kid is amazing.

Since I'm such an over-sharenting, picture posting fool. Of course I'm going to close with pics of Lily from the past 3 years. And since this is my Christmas Edition, it only seems fitting that I use pictures of her with Santa each year.

Just a few weeks old. I remember waiting in line for this picture like it was yesterday. 

1 year old and not happy with Santa at all

2 years old and still doesn't like him. But sitting on his lap was worth it for the angel bear

3 years old & loooves Santa. 

In the event that I don't post before then, I would like to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! (also, HAPPY HANUKKAH, KWANZA, WINTER SOLSTICE, FESTIVUS, FRIDAY, whatever it is you celebrate! May your days be Merry & Bright!)