Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Adelyn Rose!!!

Okay, so Adelyn's birthday was actually on the 12th. Which, makes this blog over a week late. But, it's not my fault. My dog ate my blog. Well, not my dog really. Internet explorer did though. I tried & tried to get on last week but I just couldn't do it. It would let me read mine & other people's posts but wouldn't let me actually post a blog. Finally I got smart and read the error message that popped up. Apparently is not compatible with internet explorer. So I had to come out of what must be the dark ages of the interwebs and get google chrome. At least it's not too bad over here.

Sooooooooo, anywho...... Last week my baby girl turned 6 months old. I can't believe it. We've already made it half a year. And I'm sure the other half will go even faster. Especially with all the holiday ruckus.  Even though we've made it this far. She still seems like such a baby to me. Maybe it's because I have Lily and the 2 kids I nanny for. Or maybe it's because she's still not rolling over, unless it's to get a toy and she's still not sitting up. I give her plenty of opportunity to do both but to no avail. During tummy time she's happy to just lay there and talk to her toys. If I try to move her toys to entice the rolling from belly to back she just talks to her hands or the blanket or whatever will "listen". If I try to get her to sit, she just flops one way or another. She's finally getting better in the Bumbo so I'm hoping those muscles are strengthening.

She's still one of the happiest babies I've ever met. She's always quick to smile and giggle. She's mostly a great sleeper and has happily eaten everything we've tried with the exception of avocado.

She truly is amazing and I've loved watching her grow. Each month, starting at 2 months, I've taken her picture next to a lamb/blanket that has her name on it. The "lovey" came from Steve's work. Thanks EQ! =)  Here are those pictures in sequential order so that we can all see the progression she's made from a newborn to infant and now to baby. I've added a few that didn't follow suit in order to see her before 2 months.

 My wittle lucky charm. This was taken the day we left the hospital, make her 1 day old. 

Easter pics taken when she was almost a month old. 

The rest of these are pretty self explanatory. 

All together now as a whole...AWWWWWWW! 

Anyone who knows me knows that I looooove to plan a party. So, don't you worry. Plans for her 1st birthday are already in the works! Well, the works in my brain and on Pinterest at least.

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