Saturday, April 23, 2011

My *other* full time job

Man, I just started on this blog & have already slacked off a lot. But, in my defense, I've slacked off on most things in my life for the past 10 days. Cooking, cleaning, spending time with my hubby, pretty much anything that I would do on a normal basis. I've been cheating on reality with A Cutest Baby FB contest.

Basically, I entered Lily in a contest to be voted the cutest baby and win a free photoshoot with a local photographer. Couldn't be too hard, right? I get my friends & family to vote & maybe they help by passing the word & getting their friends & family to vote. All the while, the photographer is getting her name out there, so that's good publicity.

But it all changed when a dear mama friend (*ahem.sarah.ahem*) told me that the baby website I belong to Babycenter, has a special board where mamas exchange votes for their kids in any contests they may have entered them into. So, I go here & start voting away. Some are as easy as a click of the mouse & other's require a bit more, such as registration & confirming emails & what not. All is going well, until - DUN, DUN, DUN - I find that another person in the same competition on this board doing the same thing. So essentially we're just getting the same votes now.

And here is where I went into overdrive. It was no longer about the prize but instead just about winning. What can I say, I may have a bit of a competitive side. So I google how to get online votes and boy am I amazed at what I find! There are sites upon sites upon sites dedicated strictly to people exhanging votes. You can exchange votes from all over the world. If the sign up is in a different language, they'll even explain to you what it says when they request the vote. I know all this, because I joined one of these sites; Get Online Votes. I also found FB groups that do the same thing. And, to my surprise, there are even websites, like, MicroWorkers, where for as little as $0.08 you can actually buy votes!

I opted out of buying votes and put all my spare time & effort into exchanging votes in all the other ways I listed. For going all my wifely & motherly responsibilities just to get votes. Not to win the photo package, just to win.

In the mean time, this experience has really got me thinking. I understand the premis of "have your friends like my page and then the picture". I get where that expands who knows about your company. But, I think in this day & age of technology, it's taken too far. How do the people all over the world I have voting for me help your business at all? And that's what these things have come down to. In reality, I probably had less than 20 local votes. Granted, those people who are local probably never would've liked her page if not for the contest. I guess what I'm getting at is that there should be some sort of stipulations. Such as, you can only have people within the area (city, state, whatever) vote. It would've saved me a lot of time & effort and it would've saved the photographer a lot of time verifing votes (which she says she did, although I'm not sure what that meant anyway). And by tomorrow, I'm sure she will have lost a lot of fans because people in Malaysia just don't care about some photographer in Macomb County MI.

In the end though, I did not get the win. Me & my formidable opponent tied with 311 votes a piece. Good news is that we both are getting a free photosession! And, I can honestly say that despite the way we got votes, we really did have the 2 cutest kids in the competition! But the bad news is that it took a piece of my life to get it.

Moral of the story: You'll never see me enter into another of these things again. Although enlightening, they're too much work and time away from the things I love most in my life.

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